Board Game Industry Logos

I love working on branding and logo work. 

For the publishing company I co-founded with Ian Zang, we wanted to express the idea that our games would be like gravity, pulling people in with enjoyable rewarding play. We chose Gravitation Games, not only for that effect but because “GG” aka “Good Game” is a term used in board and video games to show appreciation and good sportsmanship at the end of any given game session. We really loved that connection.

So creating a G within a spacey nebulous blob using the negative space of a ringed planet seemed like a really clever way to brand ourselves.

Another board game publisher I created a logo for is New Mill Industries. The name being made up of a part of the two founders last names: Newman and Miller. They loved the idea for a clockwork style cog (a common esthetic used in Daniel Newman’s game designs) and a sort of sawmill blade to reflect the name and punk esthetic in Tony Miller’s game designs. What they did not ask for was an ambigram. That’s something I realized might work given the W and M being next to one another in the company name. So if you’re wondering why the word INDUSTRIES is upside down at the top, it’s because the logo works just the same upside down.

I’ve created a lot of board game podcast logos. For no other reason than I’ve offered to do them and enjoy making them.

The Cardboard Mechanics is the newest podcast logo and one that I’m actually working to produce myself with my co-design partner John Prather where we discuss the mechanics of board game design in detail.

Other board game podcast logos I’ve done include Breaking into Board Games, The Shuffle, Punchboard Paradise, and the Playability Podcast.