Board Games:
Creation and Design

When I’m not working in the world of advertising, I’m steeped in the world of modern hobby board games.

Sovereign Skies is a fully realized design of my own making. I worked for 3 years designing and developing the game by playtesting and adjusting rules and mechanics, helping it evolve into a fun and rewarding experience. Then I signed the game with the publisher, Deep Water Games in 2018. They brought it to Kickstarter in 2019 and it hit retail stores in 2020. I also directed the art and graphic design, working with artist Giacomo Tappainer to create the box cover, rulebook, cards, planet tiles, and Kickstarter page.

I’ve also designed a couple of small card games, now published by Button Shy Games. I began Why I Otter in the very graphic style you see here for the prototype. The publisher hired artist Lee Angerstein to reimagine the look to appeal to a younger audience.

An Otter Won was the follow up game that went on to get some international distribution where it found a good amount of success with a reprint in Spain especially.

In 2019, I co-founded a new board game publishing company called Gravitation Games with designer/developer Ian Zang. Our first published game Please Fix the Teleporter, a quick and easy speed puzzle game appealing to kids and families, was first imagined by Ian as using a Sponge Bob Squarepants theme to mimic the opening credits where Sponge Bob rearranges himself in quarter slices. Since we didn’t quite have the ability to acquire that IP, I went about re-theming the game into a sort of teleporter mishap. I worked with artist Nick Nazzaro to create the two characters in the game and the art style of the cards, rulebook and box art.

I designed and illustrated this deck of 6 suits (18 cards per suit) as a project to help designers develop their own trick-taking games, and made this available for purchase on drivethru cards.

Aloha Earth is a game we’re working to bring to the market from Gravitation Games. I worked with illustrator Tatiana Quigley to create the characters and box art for this party game.